Aberdeen one step closer to finishing 2nd in league?

Aberdeen one step closer to finishing 2nd in league?

Will Aberdeen finish 2nd?

With Aberdeen now played 2 out of the 5 split matches are they going to finish second or are they going to disappoint their fans with another disappointing blow to them this season with not doing so well in both cups this season, personally think that Aberdeen have to finish 2nd to be considered a good season at Aberdeen.

1st Split Match against Kilmarnock 

Aberdeen won away from home 2-0 against kilmarnock with goals from K McLean (37) & S Logan (59).

2nd Split Match against Hearts

Aberdeen won at home 2-0 against Hearts with goals from A O’Connor (21) & G Mackay-Steven (37).

Last 3 Games

Last 3 Split matches are going to be the hardest ones with games against Celtic,Rangers & Hibernian.

Aberdeen can beat both Rangers & Hibernian, don’t think they have it in them to beat Celtic but arguably Aberdeen biggest game will be against Rangers. Sadly though for Aberdeen fans they haven’t beat Rangers this season with losing 3-0, 2-1 & 2-0 against Rangers this season.


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